Friday, May 13, 2011

Priest Movie Review


Tonight I was able to see an advanced screening of the new movie, Priest. It was an adaptation of a graphic novel and had a comic book feel to it, though the story and dialogue was terribly derivative. It seemed like I'd heard every line before. The actors did what they could with the material they had and I'm sure they were doing exactly what the director told them to do. A friend thought the Priests were very like Jedi and I agree. I found a review (by Xamtaro) says everything I would have written and more.

Check this link for all the details about the movie:

Paul Genesse
Editor of The Crimson Pact

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Lacy said...

I just saw the movie Priest when it came out in my area last Friday. I was extremely excited to see it as I am a fan of comic book movies, especially ones with vampires and priests that throw tiny crosses like ninja stars. Maybe I was too excited. Hyped myself up. Expected too much. I just was not that impressed. In fact it was kind of cheesy at times. The acting was not that great and there was no where near enough vampire killing for my liking. My friends said it good, but not great. I say it was just okay.

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