Monday, January 2, 2012

Rock Band Fights Evil #1


Hellboy meets Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, meets Jim Butcher and Larry Correia in this insane pulp-action adventure novella featuring a haunted suicidal anti-hero who joins a rock band and fights evil. The action is intense, crazy, and things go KABOOM quite often. Hellhound on My Trail, Rock Band Fights Evil #1 by D.J. Butler is a rollicking adventure that goes where you don't expect. It straddles the line between gritty and funny. I never imagined a dive bar rock band would actually be a team of ass-kicking warriors for good. Poor Mike thought he was just going to play his bass guitar with some crappy band and make a buck so he could buy a lot of alcohol before he killed himself, but nooooo, a freaking hellhound shows up and it's on bitches!

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Paul Genesse, Author and Editor

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