Friday, April 27, 2012

College Class Studies My Short Story: The Nubian Queen


Today was a very good day. I spoke to a college creative writing class who had read and studied my short story, The Nubian Queen featured in the DAW Books anthology, Steampunk'd edited by Jean Rabe and Martin Greenberg.

It's the first time a college class has ever studied my work, to my knowledge, and that was quite an honor. I was invited by professor Kent Bean of Snow College, who had heard me speak at Life The Universe and Everything (a writers conference in Utah), and he wanted me to speak to his students.

We spoke about the story and then about some nuts and bolts issues with creative writing and working as a full or part time writer. The whole thing was fun and I really enjoyed speaking to the students and hearing their questions about the story and writing itself.

Here's a quick description of the story: In The Nubian Queen, the last descendent of Cleopatra the Great must risk everything to save her country in an 1800’s alternate history Earth where Egypt is the center of the world.

Here's a link to a free podcast (34 minutes) of the first half of the story read by the awesome voice actress Annie O'Connel-Torgersen, and also a link to the book on

I hope to someday write a novel about Queen Sahdi, but time will tell. If you've read the story, please write a review on and email me your thoughts, or post them here, about the story.

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Paul Genesse
Editor of The Crimson Pact anthology series and author of The Iron Dragon Series

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